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Your Phone, Your Way

We're on a mission to protect the planet while we protect your phone.

Join us in making a real change.

  • Custom Cases, Zero Waste 🌿

    Imagine this: Each case you buy from us is like a love letter to Mother Earth. Handmade just for you, we cut down on the “blah” of excess stuff lying around and say “no thanks” to waste. It’s all about rocking your style guilt-free, knowing every case is made with tons of love and zero waste.

  • Eco-Chic Packaging 📦

    We’re all about firsts here, especially when it involves setting trends in sustainability. Our packaging? It’s the world’s first zero carbon footprint fashion statement for your phone case, crafted from materials that love our planet back. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable and printed with the kindest, earth-loving inks.

  • From Old to Bold ♻️

    Your old case can be the start of something beautiful. With over 50% of our cases made from recycled materials, we’re here to transform yesterday’s favorites into today’s must-haves. Partnering with TerraCycle, we ensure your once-loved cases get a glamorous second act, proving style and sustainability are the ultimate power couple.

Join the Recycle Squad ✨

Got an old case? Send it our way and join our movement towards a cleaner, greener world. Plus, get a 15% discount off your next case as a thank you from us to you. It’s all about making a difference—one step at a time.

Eco-Friendly FAQs

How do I send me case to you?

Package up and send your cases to the following address:

Blanc Space
Main Road
United Kingdom

How do I get my 15% off?

Super simple! Just fill out the form above to give us a heads-up that you’re sending your cases to be recycled. We’ll message you back with all the details you need plus your 15% discount code.

Ready to refresh your phone’s look and feel fab about helping the planet? Let’s make it happen!

What phone cases can I recycle?

All are welcome here! Any brand, any style—even if it’s seen better days or had a bit of a tumble.

Can you recycle other phone accessories?

For now, we’re sticking to cases only. But, we've got plans to welcome more accessories into our recycling family soon. Keep your eyes on us; we’re just getting started!

Is shipping my old case to Blanc Space free of charge?

We wish we could, but at the moment, sending your case back is on you. Good news though – most cases are super light and can travel by a single stamp envelope, making it easy-peasy and budget-friendly to be eco-cool. Double-check with your Post Office for the details.

Who can join our recycling revolution?

Right now, it’s a UK-exclusive program. But we’re dreaming big and planning to roll this out to more places. Stay tuned and ready to recycle!