Recycle Your Old Case with us & Get 20% off a brand new Blanc Space case

At Blanc Space, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

As part of our genuine, transparent promise, Eco Pledge 2023, we have developed a recycling program, which will give your old case a new home or enable it to be responsibly recycled; all whilst giving you money off a brand new case.

How it works?

Step 1

Open our website chat (Bottom Right) and select the option to recycle your phone case.

Step 2

Pack up and send your old case to us. It can be any case, from any Brand.

Step 3

When we recieve your case, we will recycle it through TerraCycle's Zero Wate Box initiative.

Step 4

As a thanks, we'll email you a 20% off voucher to use towards your next Blanc Space purchase.


10,345 cases recycled

We've recycled over 10,000 old cases and prevented them going direct to landfill. These cases are used to create other products and other materials and may even be used in your next phone case.

9,560kg of Carbon offset since 2015

We offset 100% of the carbon generated by our delivery process. That's the equivelent of charging your phone over 1,289,102 times.

We use Recycled Materials

The Blanc Space Impact case is a Premium Eco Friendly Cases made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Zero Carbon Packaging

Our packaging is supplied by the world's first net zero carbon packaging manufacturer. All of our packaging is FSC certified, plastic free, 100% fully recyclable and is printed with eco friendly inks.

Slow FAshion

Since the beginning, we have hand made every case, for every order, on demand. This helps minimize the stock we hold, which reduces the warehouse space we need and completely eliminated outdated cases being wasted.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries

All deliveries are carbon neutral , Supporting groundbreaking technologies that remove carbon for a minimum of 1000 years. 


We accept any brand of case as part of our program. Even if its broken or damaged.

At the moment, we are unable to accept any accessories for recycling. However, we are currently working on mabking it possible to recycle more accessories so please do keep checking back.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to cover the costs of your return, however, most cases will be able to be posted in an envelope with one stamp which should keep costs as low as possible. Please check with your local Post Office for different shipment options.

Currently, we are only able to offer recycling to our UK customers. We are looking to expand this to other regions soon so please do keep checking back.

Open our website chat (Bottom Right) and select the option to recycle your phone case.