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Use the form below to submit your designs to us. You can submit upto 8 designs at a time.

We’ve included PSD templates for iPhone cases & AirPods cases. Please use these files to make your designs, and include all design elements within the DESIGN folder in the layers panel.

Doing this allows easy processing of your designs onto our website, and means your products will be added faster.

  • Our cases are a transparent base, we print white ink under any design elements. Often designs that take advantage of the transparent background work best rather than solid colour backgrounds.

  • Do not include designs that include lighting effects such as reflections or strong highlights, these will not look good once printed.

  • Try to avoid textures such as “distressed look” or “leather effects” as this often confuses customers when purchasing.

Each design needs to have a Title, Tags and Description.

Title - Wildflower Floral

Tags - Floral, Flowers, Wildflower, Botanical, Summer

Description - Busy botanical design featuring an array of colourful wildflowers and leaves.

Template DOWNLOADs

iPhone PSD Template

Airpod 3 PSD Template

Airpod Pro PSD Template

Airpod 2 PSD Template

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