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Apple Event March 8th - Everything we can expect to see


Dylan Baxter |

Apple recently announced that their first special event of the year, named “Peek Performance”, will be held on March 8th 2022 from Apple Park.

Whilst we expect that any major announcements, like the “iPhone 14” upgrade, will take place later in the year as usual, we’re looking at what we can expect to see from the March event.

iPhone SE upgrade


The main focus of the upcoming Apple event will most likely be a refresh and upgrade of the ever-popular iPhone SE. Apple will launch a third-generation SE which will, for the first time, support 5G as well as an overall boost to the tech specs. The refresh will keep the 4.7 inch form factor and Touch ID support that enables the entry level device to remain affordable whilst being packed with all the tech you’ll ever need.

Whilst the new iPhone SE is to remain at £389 ($399), there are some suggestions that they should keep the second generation SE in the line up at a reduced price point of £199. If this happens, it will be great news for customers who are looking for a budget option that is still full of high spec features. 

iPad Air 5


The iPad Air has also been rumored to be in line for a refresh this spring. With changes similar to what we saw on the iPad Mini 6, the new Air could see the introduction of the Apple A15 Bionic chip, 5G connectivity, and a brand new, ultra wide 12MP front facing FaceTime HD camera with support for Center Stage. 

Mac Mini


When the M1 Max and M1 Pro processors were introduced at the Apple event in late 2021, the world was forced to stand up and take notice that Apple Silicon was up there with the best in the world. The spring Apple event could see these chips brought to the Mac Mini. A complete redesign of the physical form factor could also be on the cards with a rumoured change to a thinner body, a magnetic power supply connection and more ports.

iOS upgrades


Whilst it may not be an official announcement, the release of an iOS 15 update is upon us. iOS 15.4 is due to be released at around the same time as the Peek Performance event and will see the launch of features like Face ID with mask support, a new non-binary voice for Siri and new emojis.