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Winter Olympics - Top 5 Most Photo Worthy Moments

Winter Olympics - Top 5 Most Photo Worthy Moments

Dylan Baxter |

When the flame is lit to mark the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, 91 countries and 2871 athletes will put years of hard work, dedication and training into practice in the hope of getting their hands on a gold medal.

With so much on the line, anything can (and will) happen over the next 2 weeks - some of which will become iconic. From dramatic falls to becoming a hero for finishing last, we’re counting down the 5 most photo worthy moments from Winter Olympics past.

5. Torvill & Dean win gold - 1984 - Sarajevo

At the 1984 games, Jane Torvill & Christopher Dean produced one of the most magical and famous figure skating performances in Winter Olympics history. The British pair’s routine, to the soundtrack of Maurice Ravel's Boléro, was watched by a British TV audience of 24 million and made Torvill and Dean the highest scoring figure skaters of all time.

Torvill and Dean at Winter Olympics

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4. Miracle On Ice - 1980 - Lake Placid

Undefeated throughout the entire tournament, the Soviet Union were strong favourites to take home gold -the country’s sixth gold in seven Winter Olympics. In the semi-final match, they faced an inexperienced, young and amateur USA team. In what would later be dubbed the “Miracle on Ice” the USA won gold with a 3-2 victory and then went on to win gold in front of a home crowd in Lake Placid. The victory created one of the most iconic moments and photos in Winter Olympics history and the story was later made into a movie starring Kurt Russell.

Miracle on the ice at the Winter Olympics

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3. Bradbury’s miracle win - 2002 - Salt Lake City

The 2002 speed skating event saw one Aussie go from zero to hero with a miraculous win. Stephen Bradbury, was in last place during the final lap of the race. Then, with the finishing line in sight and on the final turn of the track, all four competitors in front of him crashed and fell, leaving Bradbury to breeze over the line and win gold in one of the most remarkable moments, and photos, in Winter Olympics history.

Stephen Bradbury celebrating at the winter Olympics

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2. ‘The Herminator’ goes flying - 1998 - Nagano

At the 1998 games, Austrian ski slalom star Hermann Maier suffered one of the most dramatic crashes in Winter Olympics history. Travelling at over 70mph, he flew off the course and crashed through 2 fences before landing on his head. Luckily, ‘The Herminator’ suffered only minor injuries and returned 3 days later to win gold in 2 events.

Falling at winter Olympics

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1. Eddie The Eagle becomes a hero - 1988 - Calgary

Michael “Eddie” Edwards is the UK’s most famous winter Olympian of all time after overcoming all the odds to qualify for two ski jumping events at the 1988 games in Calgary. Although he finished last in both events, “Eddie the Eagle” became famous around the world for his determination and character and his underdog story was made into a 2016 movie starring Hugh Jackman.


Eddie the Eagle jumping at winter olympics

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